What is the Global Data Recovery Alliance?

GDRA is the globe’s first commercial information recovery experts who offers memberships internationally. This association’s expert members can be found in many different countries all across the globe. This organization has a major role in providing a main mission of the experience and knowledge of its members. This well known organization aims in promoting the development of their individual businesses. They do this by creating an open, constructive, and operative environment for their members.


The GDRA also provides their customers with superb service and customer oriented alternatives to large multinational information organizations. Each region provides unique advantages to its members. Here are just a few benefits provided to members:

  • Information recovered from operating systems and media storage
  • Single drive systems pay no diagnosis fees
  • Recover engineer offers personal support
  • Price competition
  • Systems supported highly advanced modern technology

Members always remain in constant contact in different regions through the use of multimedia communications. There are common equipment platforms for information recovery which helps enable the expert members to a full Recovery of the customer’s information.

Find Nearest Location

You can locate the nearest GDRA for your region by visiting their online website. In the U.S., the GDRA is based in Orlando, Florida. This organization is quite popular on social media sites that include Facebook, Twitter, Digg, Linkedin, YouTube and more. International members are found in nineteen countries and they are expert in the field of information recovery.


Different information recovery services offered by this organization includes hard drive recovery, RAID recovery, memory card recovery. seagate recovery, fake cards and much more. Information recovery quotes are offered online. The world organization is proud to be able to share their unique ideas, available resources and advanced technology along with non-competing information recovery labs all around the globe.

If you choose to send a hard drive or other information digital device for recovery of information to one of their certified members, then you may gain the resource of the knowledge from their members, along with a combination of years of extensive research and development that will be at work for you on your own unique device.

This organization offers their expert services to consumers, small businesses, enterprises, specialized service providers, digital forensics and much more. Partnered programs are offered services like corporations. If you are interested, then you may submit he online contact form. Fixed pricing structures are available as an easy payment option. GDRA offers services for the following operating systems which include Windows, Solaris, AIX, Linux, SCO UNIX, HP UNIX, BSD, Mac OS, Novell Netware, and many other open operating systems and proprietary operating environments.

Your recovered information can returned to you in a wide variety of ways that include on the media of your choice, DVD, External Hard drive, download from their FTP server and more. Digital forensics investigation are performed on laptops, desktops, servers, digital voice recorders, backup tape or cartridges and mobile phones.